Dorian Kelly of Modal Music offers a wide range of custom music services. Use the buttons below to watch, listen and view credits, or scroll down to read more about the services offered.


Modal Music composer Dorian Kelly accepts commissions for production music, as well as original music for choirs and instrumental ensembles. If you are interested in discussing your next commission then please use the Contact page to get in touch.

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Arranging / Orchestration: 

Do you need a specific piece of music arranged in a particular way, with a different instrumental line-up, or perhaps in a different key? Do you want to add strings and / or a brass section to your song? If so, then Modal Music can supply professional band/orchestra parts for any occasion.

Original Compositions: 

Tailor-made original music to fit your needs, whether it be for Television, Radio, Commercial/Advert, Theatre Production, Library Music, Corporate Presentation or a Web Site. We also have Royalty-free options available. All formats supported – wav; aiff; mp3; CD-ROM; Audio CD; DAT or Mini Disc. If you are interested then go to the Listen and Watch pages for examples.

We have composed and recorded the music for over 30 short films and animations and have around 200 tracks placed with library music companies all over the world, resulting in usage on the following channels – Sky 1, Sky 2, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITV2, ITVBe, Discovery Channel, Lion TV, Living TV, Access Hollywood, Sky Go, Apple Music, Now TV, EDGEsport, The History Channel, Travel Channel, Recipe TV, E! News Live, E! News Daily, E! Entertainment and BBC radio.

Music Preparation: 

We can provide professional band / orchestra parts created from your score, using the award winning Sibelius software. After your preparation is complete, then your parts are emailed to you direct in .pdf format.

Click on the pdf previews below for examples of music preparation.


Do you have a favourite piece of music that you want your band to play but no lead sheet or chord sequence?

If so, then Modal Music can create your specified arrangement, along with professional band parts from just a recording (all formats accepted). We have completed transcriptions for Darren Day, Joe LongthornePeter GrantCayman Music and many more!

Audio / Midi Realisations:

Do you need an audio version of your song, either as a backing track for you / your band to rehearse to? Or perhaps an audio realisation of your orchestral score?

Modal Music can provide you with a professional recording of your music, using a combination of professional samples and live musicians (if the budget will allow). Detailed, performance level midi files can also be created.

If you are interested in any of the above services then please use the Contact page to ask for a quote on any of our custom music services.

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