‘SpellZebub’ is a collection of videos that help children learn common words by breaking them into letter and spelling patterns, taking the mystery out of spelling by providing alternative ways to visualise and memorise words.

Each video includes a catchy dance, hip-hop or dub-step backing track for multi-sensory learning which helps children to feel the spelling rhythm and enjoy their spelling experience.

  • Simple to use mp4 videos
  • No preparation needed
  • Quick and flexible – great for lesson starters, introducing word work or as a plenary
  • Supports multi-sensory learning: visual, auditory and movement
  • Includes spelling rhymes, chants and examples of usage
  • Plenty of repetition to consolidate learning
  • Develops word segmentation skills (supporting reading) and blending (supporting writing)
  • Put them on the school shared drive or upload to the VLE for all to use


Individual Videos:

SpellZebub - Describe  MM-300
SpellZebub - Describe MM-300
Price: £1.50
SpellZebub - Basically / Actually  MM-299
SpellZebub - Basically / Actually MM-299
Price: £1.50
SpellZebub - Alright  MM-298
SpellZebub - Alright MM-298
Price: £1.50
SpellZebub - Across  MM-297
SpellZebub - Across MM-297
Price: £1.50
SpellZebub - A lot  MM-296
SpellZebub - A lot MM-296
Price: £1.50
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